Christie and Rico

Hi there. I’m Christie. The happy, handsome fella with me is Rico. A.k.a. Handsomest Maximus, Boo Bear, and other variations. We’re both glad you stopped by. Although Rico would be happiest if you could pet him.

I started Dog and Dojo to show dog-lovers how to practice mindfulness with their pets. From checking your reaction to barking to eight everyday opportunities to practice meditating in the company of dogs, I wanted to inspire others to find peace in the midst of what can feel like a chaotic life with canines.

When we started this blogging journey, we were a family of three.


Rico, myself, and the late Roxy

When we were three


The regal red-head on the left is Roxy. A real pit bull princess. My shadow. My role model. And, as of July 29, 2016, my precious Guardian Angel.

She succumbed to cancer. After bravely battling it with no outward signs or symptoms for four months, she went downhill and was gone in just a week. It was a huge wake-up call on what it means to trust life. But, really, all dogs can teach us things like accepting what we cannot control, the true reason behind bullying, and learning self-compassion.

Roxy’s life continues to inspire me. And Rico is an amazing instructor — a Buddha who drops lots of wisdom along with hair. So Dog and Dojo continues.

Maybe something here will remind you to enjoy the present moment regardless of the future or the past. But while I’m humbled thinking someone might find Dog and Dojo useful, I admit my intentions are much more selfish now. I simply do not want to forget what my fur babies have taught me. Ever.

Thank you for visiting and for taking this journey with us. And thank you for loving animals.