Hi. Welcome to Dog and Dojo.

Healthy in body, mind, and spirit. A life with more balance, less bark. Most people want it, but how do you achieve it?

After decades of martial arts study, integrating a body/ mind/ spirit discipline, I recognized the perfect hack – dogs.

At Dog and Dojo I offer stories of how my own dogs inspire me to live my healthiest life. And I don’t mean anything adorably cliché, like wag your tail more. I mean deep wisdom, like healthier ways to handle mean people, what we stand to gain by slowing down, or what it really means to trust life.

My hope is these stories inspire you to take a deeper look at those with whom you share your life. Maybe they can lead you to a life with more balance, less bark, too.

My Pitbill/Boxer mix, Whiskey, and I

Me and my Whiskey


I’m Christie Green, a writer, intuitive healer, health coach and personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise, a trained naturalist certified through the Virginia Master Naturalist program, former martial artist for 20+ years, and currently a self-proclaimed peace artist.

I’ve been very fortunate to learn from some of the best teachers in karate, kung fu, tai chi, and qigong.

Fellow kung fu students, a Shaolin monk, and I after a training session at the Shaolin Temple in China in 2002

After a training session at the Shaolin Temple in China

My human teachers are only a small part of the equation, however. Over the decades that I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety, the most profound insights and comfort have come from nature, especially watching the natural actions of my dogs.

Whiskey and Rico lounging on the stairs

Whiskey, left, and Rico, right


These are my current teachers, Rico and Whiskey. I adopted both from animal shelters, but I’m pretty sure Rico is a Lab/Rottweiler/Chow mix and Whiskey is a Pitbull/Boxer. Their ages? I like to say “Somewhere between birth and death.” Here’s where you can read why age doesn’t matter to me.

If you explore some of the older posts, you’ll meet Roxy, a profoundly wise Pitbull who taught me everything I know about love and peace. So much so, I memorialized her on my arm …

My forearm tattooed with Roxy's pawprint with the Chinese character "jing," which means tranquility

Roxy’s paw print with the Chinese character “jing,” which means tranquility

I can’t emphasize enough how everything I learned through martial arts practice, which includes exposure to Zen and Chan Buddhism and Taoism, I experienced through my relationship to animals.

The gifts of dogs haven’t just been spiritual, though. They’ve challenged me in body and mind virtually everyday. And I’m a much better person for it.

Thank you for visiting and for taking this journey with us. And thank you for loving animals.

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