Free Resources

Below are a few resources I created to help you get started on your path to a healthier, happier life with more balance, less bark.

Buried Treasures: Discovering wisdom from observing your dog is a journal full of prompts to guide you in practicing mindfulness using your pet.

20 Ways to Move will help you incorporate more movement throughout your day – no gyms, special equipment, or huge chunks of time needed.

20 Rewards is a list of healthy and fun ways to celebrate achieving any goal.

Nature Journaling gives instructions for how to use your observations in nature to bring out your inner wisdom and creativity.

Decision Balance is a worksheet to help you make choices using both your left and right brain.

I’ll be adding more periodically, so check back. And, of course, I’d be honored to use my services as a health coach to help you go deeper. Simply email me at to set an appointment. Your first session is free.