Roll with it

My neighbors’ grandkids think Whiskey is part human because she’s so well-behaved. I’m talking about this dog …

Whiskey on her back in grass

Like, this dog…

Whiskey on her back on the porch

Seriously. This dog

Whiskey lying in the street

We’ve come a long way since she came home not quite two years ago. Rolling on her back in the middle of the road, however, is the one thing I can’t seem to convince her to stop. Her back is itchy, the road is rough. Nuff said.

I have to give it to her – the girl has no give-a-shit about potential danger. I’m a tad jealous.

More so lately because I’ve been tip-toeing my way toward self-employment. I’ve earned a personal trainer certification and plan to add a health coach certification. I have a philosophy about health. Screw health charts and strict dieting. Find what lights up your soul and get healthy enough to enjoy it every day. End stop.

The only problem is I never saw myself as business person. Still don’t. The thought of running my own business terrifies me as much as walking the Capital Beltway at 5:30 p.m.

Whiskey, on the other hand, wouldn’t hesitate to throw herself down mid-lane for a back scratch if needed. She knows what fulfills her and she goes for it.

Of course, I look out for traffic to keep her safe. Maybe it’s that she has faith in me to do that. Who could I have similar faith in? is the question I’ve been asking.

The answer I’ve found is one I share with Whiskey – me. Somewhere deep inside is a meek voice telling me to proceed with this business venture, even as my mind screams bloody murder. I’ve made conscientious decisions before. I’ve tackled them methodically, with well-thought out action plans. None turned out the way I envisioned. Now that I think about it, they all turned out pretty crappy.

Maybe it is time to try a different method. Plunk down mid-road and scratch the hell outta my back, too.

Or maybe not. At the very least, I can give that meek voice the stage. I might still fail. Been there, done that, got a tee-shirt. But I might have fun doing it this time if I can convince myself to just roll with it. Whiskey agrees.

Whiskey with a huge smile

Thanks for stopping by today.


About Christie Green

I'm a certified health coach, intuitive healer, writer, animal-lover, and peace artist (formerly martial artist) helping clients create lives with more balance, less bark.
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1 Response to Roll with it

  1. Diane Grenda says:

    Ah, yes, crappy endings – how timely! I believe your new endeavor is the beginning of great things for you and those who will benefit from having you as their coach. Love the photos!

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