Whiskey’s revenge

This is a different kind of post for Dog and Dojo, but it was so funny, I have to share it. It’s a series of text messages I sent my boyfriend, beginning with an evening walk with Rico and Whiskey.

Now, Whiskey is unusual, in that she loves to scratch her back in inappropriate places. Like the middle of the road. Grassy gutters. Other people’s yards. That’s what she did this time, but since it’s late winter, she took most of the grass with her …

WHiskey covered in brown grass with text reading, "Hay ain't just for horses"… I followed that one up with …

Close up of her covered rump, with text reading, "In case you didn't get the full effect"

She LOVES rolling in dirt. I could feel her laughing at me.

There was no brushing all of that off, so when we got home, we got treats and Whiskey got thrown into the tub, which she HATES …

Wet Whiskey and text reading, "Who's laughing now, sucker!?"

Satisfied, I went for my evening meditation, about 30 minutes. afterward, I went to check on the dogs in the bedroom …

Rico with a pillow over him, and a look that says, "I didn't do it, Mom." Text reads "Hmm, this is unusual..."

Rico doesn’t like blankets, jackets, anything that could interfere with his dogness. So to see him underneath a pillow … well, I knew it wasn’t his doing.

I was right …

Wet Whiskey laying under the covers of my bed. Text reads, "...oh, THAT'S why. "You'll never get the last laugh. Who you callin sucker now, chump!"

Yeah, that’s a very wet Whiskey. She had kicked back all of the covers and pillows so she could lay directly on my sheet. The whole spot was soaked through.

Whiskey always wins.

Thanks for stopping by today.


About Christie Green

I'm a certified health coach, intuitive healer, writer, animal-lover, and peace artist (formerly martial artist) helping clients create lives with more balance, less bark.
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