7 Tips from vacation applied to life

They worked hard all year long — fending off postal workers, keeping critters out of the yard, and holding down the sofa. So we took Rico and Whiskey on a well-deserved vacation recently. But that doesn’t mean these scruffy senseis took a break from teaching life lessons. True to form, they enjoyed their vacation to the absolute fullest. And below are their tips for how you can enjoy life to the fullest, too.

1. Stop what you’re doing and pay attention when a feeling of awe swells up inside you.

Whiskey gazing out at the river and mountains

2. That doesn’t mean you have to lose your cool over it, though. Just relax into the moment.

Rico laying by river

3. It might seem brave to dive in with everything you have …

Whiskey in river

but remember it could get messy (and you could get hosed off with cold water because the mama and the papa won’t let you in the house that way).

A muddy Whiskey

4. Opportunity might knock …

a deer grazing in the yard

but sometimes things are out of your control and you can’t answer it.

Leashed-up Rico watching the deer run

5. Accept a helping hand, or set of wheels, if you need it …

Rico and Whiskey in the golf cart

but you aren’t obligated to. Sometimes it’s just more fun to do it your own way.

Whiskey running next to the golf cart

6. Be honest with yourself. Only you know your limits.

Whiskey back in golf cart, resting on a lap

7. Take time to daydream. Listen closely. Hidden within them are the whispers of life calling us.

Rico on sofa gazing out the window

Thanks for stopping by today.

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About Christie Green

I'm a certified health coach, intuitive healer, writer, animal-lover, and peace artist (formerly martial artist) helping clients create lives with more balance, less bark.
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2 Responses to 7 Tips from vacation applied to life

  1. Diane Grenda says:

    Simply reading this gives me peace…

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