Be right or be free, but not both

Like many Americans, I’ve been disturbed by kneelgate—the cultural war started over professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem. For or against, everyone seems pissed. (Full disclosure: I support every American’s right to free speech, especially when speaking out in a peaceful way against injustice. That’s kind of important to a free society.)

Well, not everyone. Rico and Whiskey couldn’t care less. That got me thinking about the complexities of the human mind, what we believe or don’t believe, what we cling to, what we think gives life meaning, how we justify all of these thoughts … all juxtaposed against a dog’s mind, which seems to only have room for food, play, and love.

Is there any hope for humans escaping from the spiral of negativity when something disagreeable churns up?

Consider this passage from a book I read recently, called “The Art of Tea: Meditations to awaken your spirit,” by Osho:

Ideas create stupidity because the more ideas are there, the more the mind is burdened. And how can a burdened mind know? The more ideas are there, the more it becomes just like dust on a mirror. How can the mirror mirror? How can the mirror reflect? Your intelligence is just covered by opinions, the dust, and everyone who is opinionated is bound to be stupid and dull. … A truly religious mind is an innocent, intelligent mind. The mirror is clear, the dust has not been gathered, and every day a continuous cleaning goes on. That’s what I call meditation.

The less thoughts you have, the more likely you are to free yourself from suffering.

So each of us has a choice. You must end your own suffering by choosing what’s more important to you — being right or being free.

Given Whiskey’s reaction to every football game, I think she made her choice.

Whiskey sleeping in an awkward position on the sofa

Anytime is a good time for naptime

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About Christie Green

I'm a certified health coach, intuitive healer, writer, animal-lover, and peace artist (formerly martial artist) helping clients create lives with more balance, less bark.
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2 Responses to Be right or be free, but not both

  1. Diane Grenda says:

    Appreciate this passage from Osho – couldn’t be more true. I also appreciate Whiskey’s “inactive” choice – I do that a lot! 😉

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