The Legend of the Pit Bull Princess Pirate

If ever there’s a time to be mindful of your body and control your stress level, it’s while navigating a canoe with another novice rower and 120 pounds of dogs in a boat for the first time.

This unexpected adventure was definitely the highlight from our recent mountain getaway.

See, Rico loves water.

Rico in shallow water

At least, up to a point; usually, just above his ankles. He likes to wade, not swim.

Roxy, on the other hand, detests water anywhere except in her stainless steel water bowl. She won’t even drink out of our portable bowl on hikes. After a rain, she’ll wobble at 100 mph across the yard like a lizard across hot desert sands desperately trying not to splash water on herself.

That’s why this scene blew us away.

Roxy venturing into water with Bryan and Rico

She even scampered out farther than Rico to sniff the canoe.

Roxy wading out to the canoe

Lo and behold, Roxy ended up the first one brave enough to actually go for a cruise.

Our little water baby could only watch from the shore, as confounded by the sight as I was.

Rico's ears up watching Roxy in boat


Eventually all four of us got into the boat and went gliding up and down the creek.

The water was never deeper than a few feet – shallow enough for us to stand in if we capsized, which felt like every few minutes. Our first go-round, Rico sat between my feet so I could keep him relatively calm and stable.

Unfortunately, Roxy had the run of the boat and decided it was worth it to hop over the empty seat between us in order to get closer. She finally settled with her chin resting on the side of the canoe, her front legs on the floor, and her butt up on the seat behind me.

The second day, she sat with me while the boys took the back of the boat. Rico eagerly shifted from side to side to see both shorelines and test the water from both sides to confirm it was the same water.

That’s why I wasn’t brave enough to carry anything electronic with me, like a camera. Regrettably, we have no visual proof of the four of us venturing out. And if you were to see Roxy in the yard after the recent rain, you would never believe she went anywhere near water.

Looks like the Pit Bull Princess Pirate will remain the stuff of legends.

Roxy comfortably in boat with Bryan


About Christie Green

I'm a certified health coach, intuitive healer, writer, animal-lover, and peace artist (formerly martial artist) helping clients create lives with more balance, less bark.
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4 Responses to The Legend of the Pit Bull Princess Pirate

  1. This was priceless. Wish you’d have gotten one of those camera’s from the Walgreen’s (whatever you have like it) so you had water tight safety film and is disposable. They are priceless just the same. I’m glad you didn’t take your best camera in the water.

  2. "Not" Sleepless in Kanab says:

    I can’t stop laughing!

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