A Little Tropiclean Goes a Long Way


Yes, I know—in the above photo, Roxy looks almost as excited about Tropiclean as she does at the thought of having teeth pulled. But that’s exactly why I love this stuff and decided it would be only the second featured product on Dog and Dojo (the first being some very cool dog food dishes).

Not that I enjoy torturing the dogs. I hate it. I melt when Roxy quivers like a plate of jell-o on top of a washing machine at the vet’s office. Rico knows how it feels to be abandoned at a shelter; that’s where we met. The thought of leaving either of them at the vet’s for dental work … I can’t even think about it.

And yet, I lost my beloved Casey dog many years ago to an infection that started in his gums and moved into his blood stream. Nasty stuff.

So, like it or not, dental care is a priority. Preventing periodontal disease saves a lot of heartache and money in the long run. And, in Roxy’s case, a lot of stress.

I had tried brushing their teeth before. Tried the bacon flavored toothpaste and the little finger-puppet brush. Start with just a taste and a little caress against their gums to get them used to it.

Get used to it? Does that ever actually happen?

With Tropiclean, however, you just squeeze a little line of its minty goo on your finger and give a quick swipe down their teeth on each side. Done. No brushing needed.

It’s pet-friendly, cruelty-free, all natural ingredients, and made in the USA.

Added bonus? My boyfriend and I haven’t died from dog breath on our recent vacation – which we’re actually in the middle of this week. Pictures next time!

Rico in the back of the car

No bad doggie breath – thanks, Tropiclean!



About Christie Green

I'm a certified health coach, intuitive healer, writer, animal-lover, and peace artist (formerly martial artist) helping clients create lives with more balance, less bark.
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4 Responses to A Little Tropiclean Goes a Long Way

  1. We just started our poodle on this!

  2. "Not" Sleepless in Kanab says:

    I bought some of this earlier this year upon your recommendation and am ashamed to say I have not tried it on Maguire yet. However, this recent post has motivated me to take quick action. Plus, I now sleep with 2nd little critter whose breath has an odoriferous, Pepe Le Pew quality of its own. Sometimes, I think I fall asleep so quickly each night because my bed is enveloped by their noxious exhalations and not because I’m tired! I’ll let you know my results with Tropiclean in the weeks to come. Thanks, Christie!

    • Oh, yuck, ahem, “Not” Sleepless in Kanab! With my old dog, Casey, we could be sitting at the dinner table and smell his breath. He was just a little Pomeranian/ terrier mix – not a big dog right in our faces. The vet told us that was a big sign of serious dental disease, but we were too late. By then, the infection had already spread into his blood stream and into his organs. So do pay attention to those noxious exhalations!

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