Getting Out There to Promote A Blog

Event Sponsor sign with Dog and Dojo dot com listed

Finally, a way to promote Dog and Dojo I feel good about. This past weekend, I was thrilled to be a sponsor for a spay/neuter program fundraising event. No knowledge in SEO required, which is great because I have only superficial knowledge about SEO. Honestly, I’m not even sure “superficial” qualifies.

I know, I know. I’m constantly scolded for thinking I can just be a writer. Experts say all of the time to promote, promote, PROMOTE! I better learn all there is to know (which changes every day) about marketing, social media, public relations, media relations, advertising, analytics, curation networks … on an on.

I have to get out there – and by “out there,” they mean in my office glued to my computer – and participate in online forums, social bookmarking, guest blogging … make my presence known. And by “presence,” of course, they mean my name. Maybe my picture. My physical presence is still in my office.

I dislike probably 90% of that. I haven’t dragged my feet. More like buried them in cement. I enjoy reading others’ blogs and leave comments. The rest of it? Ugh.

But this weekend, I took their advice. I got out there! And so did a bunch of adoptable dogs. Because shelter staff brought about 10 dogs to the event for a fun day away from the shelter. And the money raised pays for spay/neuter surgeries. In February, alone, this rural-based group performed 522 surgeries. I feel pretty good that the money I donated will be well spent.

As a sponsor, appeared on event signage and the T-shirt. Lots of wonderful people showed up to participate, even though Old Man Winter still had his death grip on the region. From top to bottom, I’m thrilled with everything.

There’s a fundraising biking event in April. Maybe I’ll sponsor that, too. I guess I do like getting out there to promote my blog.

Fundraising walkers


About Christie Green

I'm a certified health coach, intuitive healer, writer, animal-lover, and peace artist (formerly martial artist) helping clients create lives with more balance, less bark.
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