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Who Needs A Spay Day?

Estimates from national animal welfare charities put the death toll of pets in American shelters around 9,000 a day. Every day. And everyone worried about dogs in Sochi? Whether you adopted your pets from shelters or rescue groups, purchased them … Continue reading

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Improve Your Dog Communication Using Meditation and …. Push-Ups?

What do exercise, meditation, and your dog(s) have in common? All of them provide a little necessary stress to help you get stronger. I write this as Roxy stares intently at me. I really hate it when she stares so … Continue reading

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Sleep Like a Dog

  Roxy is our champion sleeper. Her ability to sleep anywhere at any time under any circumstances is the envy of our whole family. She can be right at home sleeping on our bed… Or on someone. She can sleep … Continue reading

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Learning Compassion for the Dogs and Myself

  Old Man Winter has gotten a little greedy this year. If it’s not snowing or freezing rain, then it’s freezing outside. If none of those are happening, then an arctic wind makes it feel utterly miserable. And poor Rico … Continue reading

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